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Fix It Quick
arose from a simple fact; That computer owners do not like the idea of unplugging and moving their computers. Nor do they like leaving their valuable and private information in the hands of a stranger for days on end.

At Fix It Quick we come to you, to help you with any problems you might have with your computers. Our head technician is University trained, with a Bachelors Degree in Computing. And having worked as a technician since 1995, in various computer retail chains, you can be sure he will give you the right advice on the best and most cost effective path to get your computer up and running.

At Fix It Quick we:

  • Repair your computer and advise you on how to save your information.
  • Help you find the best computer to suit your needs.
  • Upgrade your old computer to run as fast as a new one, while saving you money.
  • Teach you the basics, so you can be productive... Faster.

So when you have a computer problem don't trust just anyone. Call for technicians with years of Technical
and Practical experience. We will come to you, and put the smile back on your face.