As Computers become more commonplace in our daily lives, we find that there are normally more than 1 computer in each house-hold. most families have 1 or 2 home computers and 1 or 2 notebook computers.  
The problem has always been waiting your turn to use the internet. but now this can be solved with a small device attached onto your computer. Now the whole family can get on the net at the same time and share files without moving from their computer.    

The other problem has been how to send files from one computer to another. And with files becoming larger (generally 1 picture is too big to fit onto a floppy disk) home networks are becoming a popular option.

and now with Wireless networking, you can sit in any room and use your notebook computer to get on the net, moving from one room to another without cables to hinder you.


Here at Fix It Quick we have years of experience with networks. and have always kept up to date with all new technologies that have become available. So you can set up your home with a wireless network, with a quick and inexpensive visit, from our experienced technicians.

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